Industrial Design: Urn for Cats
  • Industrial Design: Urn for Cats


    Finally a Vessel that doesn't scream Urn, 'Cherish' by

    Scatter + Cherish - for modern homes, Worldwide. Trademarked (tm) and Hand-crafted in the UK.


    Using a blend of the luxury material 'Jesmonite' (Elle decoration must have material) with metals such as iron and copper. 'Cherish' takes on its own personality as it is cast and weathered at our North Yorkshire Studio. Not one Cherish is ever the same, each one is as unique as your special Kitty! The Anthracite Vessel is weathered for longer and forms rust deposits that make it truly unique! The copper vessels use real copper particles, creating a unique and modern interior piece.

    Available in 3 shades: 
    Chalk White, Concrete Grey and Anthracite Grey. Complimenting the vessel is a Hand-turned Oak lid with Copper insert allowing a tea light to be burned, whenever the mood suits. In memory of a much loved Kitty, this Cat urn for ashes will add ambience to any room.

    Cherish has been designed by an interior designer with a keen eye for detail but equally it has a function, which is to subtly showcase your Cats ashes within your home so you can enjoy it on a daily basis. With Cherish there's no need to be embarrassed: hide the cremains in a drawer, a box in the garage, roof-space or even the bottom of the wardrobe. We're proud knowing that it will bring you joy in the darkest of times, taking pride of place within your room. 

    Cherish is supplied, purposely, as one size only. Not too big but equally not too small. The perfect size for a mantle, window cill, coffee table or shelf. Holding 25 cubic inches of cremains which equates to around 25 lbs or 11kg pre-cremation weight allowing you to keep the full cremains of a Cat safely inside as a forever keepsake. Alternatively a portion of your Cats ashes can be scattered in a favourite place (see seperate listing for 'Scatter') and some can be stored inside one of these Vessels to be Cherished for eternity. Multiple Cherish' can be placed side by side to create a shrine for Pets, past and present.

    modern - contemporary - industrial - mid-century - timeless

    width at base: 127mm
    width at neck: 80mm
    height: 230mm
    weight: 2.3kg

    Securing your Cats ashes:
    We advise that you secure your Cats ashes within our Vessels by the use of a small bead of superglue around the top of the neck of the Vessel before placing on the oak lid. This will ensure the contents remain inside following an accidental knock. We also provide a disposable funnel to aid you in transferring the ashes into the vessel wtihout having to touch the ashes or risk spillage.


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    • Return Policy:

      We believe you will enjoy your Cherish Vessel as much as we enjoy crafting it for you BUT if for any reason it does not suit your modern home or it is not what you expected we will refund the purchase price back to you. Please see our full returns policy for more  details

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