Burnt Copper: Pet Cremation Urn
  • Burnt Copper: Pet Cremation Urn


    In a Real Copper Metal finish

    that has been flame-burnt for a unique non-repeatable finish each and every time. This Urn is as individual as your own best friend. Created for us in India, each vessel builds on our ethos of hand-crafted, individual, Urns. The Oak lid has been burnt over an open flame to give it a genuine burnt oak finish and it is wrapped in Vintage leather. The Burnt Copper Urn can be displayed on a mantle, window cill, coffee table or shelf without competing with your decor. 


    Available in a choice of 2 leather finishes: 
    Tan leather and Black Leather with a copper insert allowing a tea light to be burned, whenever the mood suits. In memory of a much loved Companion, this pet urn for ashes will add ambiance to any room. Matching the Copper tea light is the coach screw detailing on the leather strap.

    The leather strap is plain as standard or it can be customised with a personal message, in memory of your best friend. In The Black Leather the engraving is much more subtle, where-as the Tan leather engraving is much more visible and prominent.



    The vessel comes in 1 size only to suit all dog breeds up to 75kg/165LB pre-cremation weight and we provide a canvas bag inside the Urn to store the ashes so even the smallest of pets can feel snug inside.


    modern - real copper metal (slightly oxidised via flame burning) - contemporary - industrial - mid-century - timeless


    180mm wide at the hip 125mm wide at the base x 180mm tall


    Securing your Dogs ashes:
    We advise that you secure your Dogs ashes within our Vessels by using the canvas bag provided: Inserting the canvas bag empty, filling part-way with ashes, shuffling the bag, then filling some more and so on until all of the ashes are inside the bag. Finally pulling the drawstrings at the top to close the bag. Ashes can easily be transferred from your own container via the disposable funnel (which we also provide) to aid you in transferring them into the vessel without having to touch them or risk spillages. To further secure, should you wish to do so, you can place a thin bead of superglue around the top of the metal vessel and then place the wooden lid down to secure. (This may not be necessary as the Urn is very stable once filled because of its unique shape and stance).


    Copper metal can tarnish over time. In dry air, even tarnishing takes place quite slowly; however, with the usual atmosphere around us, the humidity can accelerate the tarnishing process. There are various methods for cleaning copper but a simple solution of white wine vinegar and table salt, along with a scouring sponge can do the trick. Tomato ketchup is another cleaning hack for copper.


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